Character Info

Boris is Caillou's daddy. His parents are Caillou's grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa.

Fictional Background

  • Typically, he sports a green sweater with red trim, blue pants and red shoes.
  • In the winter (particularly when shoveling snow), he wears a puffy blue jacket.
  • In "Caillou is Afraid of the Dark", Boris shows Caillou that he probably just imagined he heard something, and he can't find anything.
  • In "Caillou Stays Up Late", he tells Caillou that his friends are not coming to the dinner party tonight, and he also tells him that he won't have any fun at this party tonight either. Also, he teaches Caillou that big boys can sleep even when it's a little noisy. 
  • Caillou's Promise: Caillou told his father he was playing and didn't want Rosie to play with him in the sandbox meaning that he waited for his mother to be gone so he can play in the sandbox alone and keep Rosie out if it, but Boris asked him if he remembers the promise he gave to Mommy and promise to share the sandbox and he told him it's very important not to break a promise.
  • At work, he wears blue jacket, white shirt, a paisley tie, khaki pants and brown shoes in All In A Days Work.
  • In "Caillou the Chef", Boris reveals that he once worked at a pizza parlor; However, he now seems to have a different job. He also used to play college football while he was in college.

Interactions with Other Characters

George White - He was told that he and George were voiced by Pat Fry in Keroppi Randomness 1.35.

Keroppi - He got help from him in Keroppi Randomness 8.

Soak - He meets Soak in Keroppi Randomness 8.

Robyn - He tells her and Caillou that the circus isn't until tomorrow in Keroppi Randomness 4.9.