Video Biography

Keroppi Randomness 1 is the first ever Keroppi Randomness ever. It started when Benthekid hit 10 subscribers.

Keroppi Randomness

The Thumbnail for KR1.


1. Doraemon proves to Keroleen he's male.

2. K&F The Big Adventure Storm Attack scene with Tongue Fu Candy Gods OST playing in the background.

3. Wink tries to befriend Mastermax888, but fails.

4. Soak reacts to Kirby Right Back At Ya.

5. My video explaining what I'll be adding in Keroppi Randomness

6. Ayudame (my kitten) jumping off a stepstool.

7. Keroppi and Friends playing soccer and Junk ends it with a bang.


Keroppi Randomness 1

Keroppi Randomness 1


  • This proves that Keroleen is afraid of male genitalia.
  • This makes the Goropikadon brothers candy gods as shown by the music.
  • This shows that Mastermax888 hates snakes
  • This is where Kirby was first introduced.
  • This is where Bennie started adding explosions in Keroppi Randomness.
  • This episode had a first achievement (Holy Duck F*ck! This @$$hole has BALLS!)
  • The thumbnail has Keroppi , Doraemon, Kirby, and the Goropikadon brothers.


  • ​​Keroppi & Friends
  • Doraemon
  • Soul Eater
  • Kirby Right Back at Ya Intro
  • Mastermax888 Plays Five Nights at Pingas 3
  • BenthekidRS Walking and Kitten videos
  • Pewdiepie plays Dumb Ways to Die

Audio Used

  • =====Yamto Proves He's a Male=====
  • Tongue Fu Candy Gods OST
  • WTF Boom